Escape into the World of Eye shadows! Escape into the World of Eye shadows!

10 Sep , 2020

Konnichiwa and Namaste! I hope everyone’s safe at home hale and hearty J Few months has undeniably been a rough journey for all of us, hasn’t it? Eagerly hoping for all the stars to align soon and can’t wait for everything to get back to normal! Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. From now on, I’m your companion and hopefully the ‘Google’ you’ll need for the products you will want to choose from Kaimono Japan.

I’m Ishimori Uka! You can just call me Uka and in case you’re curious, my name means ‘growing wings and flying’. How I wish there was some magical force and I could fly around the whole world right now L But then, reality hits you hard.

Woah, I should pop out my imagination bubble and start helping you out.

Let’s start with something I really adore and love---Eye shadows!!

The sparkly, glittery and vibrant colors is something I just cannot get enough of. From shimmer to matte, glitter to cream, eye shadows is one of the most nifty makeup products around. It can make us look more chic, more edgy or even younger. Just like a magic wand, right? I love how eye shadows adds depth and dimension and simply makes your eyes stand out making it look so much more attractive.

Did you know that Eye Shadows was introduced to womankind Twelve thousand years ago in Egypt?  So astounding! And we can certainly see the transformation of eye shadows over the years.

At Kaimono Japan, we too have lots of options for eye shadows. From the variance in the brands to color shades, we have it all! AC Kirakira Eyeshadow, AC Wet Eyeshadow, MP Eyecolor and many more collections of eye shadow brands is what we offer. From funky vibrant colors like green, blue, purple, pink to warm tones like brown, black, nude, white and grey—Kaimono Japan has a inclusive range of Eye shadow pallets, eye shadow gloss and eye shadow creams!


For the AC Wet Eye shadow 01, let me give you some tips on how this Eye Shadow is perfect or Warm Smokey Look

Warm eye shadow looks are becoming a major trend, and this is an easy way to get a warm smokey eye look. I love how the eye shadow is placed in order of the tone of the shades—from lighter to darker. And that’s how I use it. I start by putting on the light silver eye shadow as the base, the put some light brown eye shadow over it on the crease of my eyes. Finally, I add the two dark colors at the end of my eyes to finish off my Warm Smokey Look which is perfect for the daytime as well as at night. Subtle yet Chic look in just few minutes with
AC Wet Eye shadow 01!


For the LJ 12 Colors Eye Shadow Palette 03

This eye shadow is one of my favorites because it has all these incredible colors in just one palate. When it comes to how to put on vibrant eye shadow, you don’t have to apply just one or two shades to your lids. You can create a multidimensional eye makeup look featuring the funky vibrant tones which might be just what you’re looking for to turn heads. For a super on-trend look…try the gorgeous sunset eye, which involves layering shades of bright orange, yellow, and pink. For a sleek look…try pairing dark and light shades of blue eye shadow with silver accents. For an earthy look…try a base shade of neutral brown or mauve, then layer dark green accents onto your outer corners and a pop of light gold around your inner corners.


AC Kirakira Eyeshadow 05

The pink shade and the golden/silver shade is my favorite from this eye shadow pallet. Swipe a rose gold shadow onto half of your lid and a dark gold one on the other half, then top things off with a metallic champagne shade.



I guess, that’s it for today. Talking about eye shadows and makeup got me missing all the glamming up and heading out wearing my favorite dress since we’ve all been without new bestie, pajamas nowadays haha!! Fingers crossed and hoping for better days. Till then I’ll be there to guide you throughout. Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands. Mata Ne.